Introduction to the Founders

We’re new here, and so we thought we’d  introduce ourselves!  

Firstly, I’m Kalie, Co-founder of Conscious {by design}, Californian-raised entrepreneur and former product development leader.  Working alongside me is Co-Founder, long-time friend and serial entrepreneur, Jigs Patel. 

Together,  we have both spent the last eighteen months formulating our soon-to-launch range of consciously crafted premium CBD wellness products, which we can’t wait for you to try.   

But first,  what led us here? Well, my impending parenthood combined with a stressful career brought me to almost breaking point a few years ago.  This pushed me to seek alternative, natural health remedies to help me rebuild my body.  

I was familiar with the effects of CBD and so I began a journey to seek a product that was right for me.  I found it difficult to find something that was natural, without confusing dosage instructions and easy to fit into my busy life, and most importantly, that I felt worked. Thus, the idea for Conscious {by design} was born.  

Jigs was very much a part of the journey who as Co-founder, challenged me along the way.  Someone with a spirit to create, Jigs opened his first Modern British farm to table restaurant in London at just 23-years-old and later created an English based candy shop in Upper East Side New York City.  He saw the possibilities to work together and bring clarity to the often unclear and unregulated world of CBD.  

Combining my thirst for knowledge and passion for plant based solutions alongside Jigs’ entrepreneurial spirit, soon led us to the development of Conscious {by design}.  

With our disruptive approach and deep passion for creating products that enable people to live healthier, happier lives we hope to turn the UK’s CBD industry on its head . Our aim is to be at the forefront of bringing customers ethical and accessible products, with honesty, transparency and consciousness at its core. 

So, join the c{byd} family and sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest information on our upcoming launch, products and more. And be sure to follow us on Instagram to learn more about what we do.


Kalie  David

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