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The UK’s first CBD wellness pour.

Refreshing drinks to nurture body and mind, in convenient liquid sachets, for effortless dosing at home or on the go. Crafted with mood-enhancing natural botanicals and vitamins, proven to help you feel more.

UK’s first CBD wellness pour being poured into a glass of water
IMMERSE wellness pour next to a woman watching a waterfall

Nurture your body and mind, and sip your way to wellness, with Conscious {by design}.

Wellness isn’t one single thing; it’s as individual as each of us. We don’t preach about what wellness should be – Conscious {by design} are committed to supporting everyone's wellness journey to feel more of what they want. Our range of four natural wellness pours are made with proven, mood-enhancing vitamins and botanicals, tailored to help you feel more awake, energised, heightened or relaxed. All enriched with Swiss-grade CBD. Everything we do springs from a desire to guide the senses, so everyone can live life with feeling.

From the journal

A message from our founder Kalie

Conscious {by design} was inspired by my own journey to discover a natural way to wellness. After feeling the difference myself, I want to share my discoveries with the world and make it easy for everyone to define their own wellness journey and live happier, healthier, fuller lives.