Sharing wellness discoveries

Everyone has a different journey to wellness. Mine began after having my daughter, when I felt unprepared for my new role as a mother. I didn’t know how best to look after my postpartum body and mind, so I set out on a journey of discovery.

My path took me to doctors, a nutritionist, a herbalist, a masseuse and a chiropractor. It bridged modern medicine and traditional remedies. Along the way, I found out how to care for my body and mind, and feel more of what I want, by harnessing potent natural ingredients.

cbyd founder about us

I was passionate about helping everyone support their wellness, in a way that fitted into any lifestyle. So I channelled my years of learning into creating the UK’s first CBD wellness pours, a unique range of drinks to nurture body and mind, over 18 months in the making.

I collaborated with an expert nutritionist and a pharma-grade lab to pair the best ingredients with each function. The pours are made with proven mood-enhancing botanicals and infused with premium Swiss-grade CBD. They’re a simple, convenient way to nurture your wellness on the move – just grab and go.

I believe in looking after yourself by nourishing your body with natural nutrition and CBD, and want to share this with the world, to help everyone lead a happier, healthier life.


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