Our Purpose

Our brand purpose is to empower people to make balanced choices for an improved and sustainable life experience.

Our story

For Conscious {by design} founder Kalie, the journey began after having her daughter. When she was diagnosed with postpartum and didn't know how best to look after her body. So she out on a journey of discovery. Her path took her to doctors, a nutritionist, an herbalist and chiropractor. It bridged modern medicine and traditional remedies. Along the way she found out how to listen, care and nourish her body and mind - by harnessing potent natural ingredients.

Overtime she became passionate about helping others find their own definition of wellness. So she channeled years of product development and technology and collaborated with expert nutritionist, pharmaceutical grade producers and top CBD experts to create the UK's first wellness pour.

The team made sure every element was consciously considered. All pours are made from carefully curated ingredients with proven potency. Botanicals and vitamins that have shown their worth in ancient cultures and modern clinical studies. Like turmeric to re-energise, Magnesium to relax muscles, and Zinc to stimulate sexual wellbeing. All infused with premium, lab-tested, Swiss-Grade CBD. All crafted and rigorously tested in preparation for Novel Food accreditation.

Our Mission

Wellness isn’t one single thing; it’s as individual as each of us.

At Conscious {by design} we don’t preach about what wellness should be, we help you identify whatever wellness means for you. For some, it’s practicing Pilates, for others it’s swapping that third cup of coffee for a glass of water. We are here to spark conversations and help you understand your body and embrace a lifestyle that works in harmony with it. That’s why we created our delicious wellness pours, pairing carefully curated botanicals, vitamins and Swiss Grade CBD all in one simple sachet. It’s the natural addition to your wellness routine, whatever that may be.