Tropical Lassi | Recipe With FLEX

Introducing Tropical Lassi

Coming into summer time, there's nothing better than sharing a cool drink in the sun, but what if it could also boost your energy and fuel your vitality ?
That's why we have created Tropical Lassi, the lift you needed : nutritional, energetic, boosting recipe with FLEX
Infused with vitamin B12 and rejuvenating botanicals this drink is the perfect blend of energy boosting goodness 

The Recipe

Serves 2

Ingredients List :

•300ml water
•150ml coconut milk
•240g mixed papaya, pineapple & mango
•1 sachet of FLEX
•4 tsp coconut yogurt

Here's what you need to do :

Step 1. Blend all the ingredients together adding extra ice if you want

Step 2. Serve in a glass & enjoy


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